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Call for Associated Projects

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The Oslo Architecture Triennale (OAT) 2016 is looking for independently financed and organized projects that respond to the curatorial framework for the 2016 edition: After Belonging: A Triennale In Residence, On Residence and the Ways We Stay in Transit. These Associated Projects are expected to multiply the perspectives and formats of the discussion taking place at the Triennale, and can range from exhibitions and events to alternative media. A committee—formed by representatives of the OAT and the chief curators—will review and select local and international proposals. The chosen projects will be included in the official program of the Triennale.

The Associated Projects should be connected to the general topic of the Triennale, particularly to the curatorial framework of the On Residence program or to any of the sites of the In Residence program taking place in Oslo, the Nordic region, and around the globe. The formats may include—but are not limited to—exhibitions, public debates, screenings, mobile stages, and gatherings; alternative media such as puppetry and radio and tv programs, among others, are highly encouraged.

The Associated Projects can be developed by architects, artists, curators, and any other professionals, scholars, or institutions from around the world to engage with the theme proposed for this edition of the Triennale.

The Associated Projects can address questions explored in the On Residence program, around five areas: Technologies of a Life in Transit, Furnishing After Belonging, Markets and Territories of the Global Home, Borders Elsewhere, and Sheltering Temporariness.

The Associated Projects can also be connected to any of the ten sites of the In Residence program. These selected case studies cover a wide range of scales and problematics and are understood to encapsulate the contemporary transformation of belonging.

You can find additional and more detailed info on each site here.

Location and Timeline

The Triennale welcomes projects that will be included in its program in Oslo, comprising the exhibitions After Belonging: In Residence at the National Museum—Architecture and After Belonging: On Residence at the Norwegian Centre for Design and Architecture (DOGA); a public conference; and a series of Extended and Public Programs, that will occur between September 8 and November 27, 2016.

Proposals can also take place at any of the In Residence sites, from Colombia to Copenhagen, Dubai, Italy, Kirkenes, Lagos, New York, and Stockholm. Projects can span any time frame, as needed, during the period of the Triennale. The Oslo Architecture Triennale 2016 is looking forward to expanding the discussion and the audience of the theme proposed by After Belonging.

Project Formats

Formats for the proposals can include, but are not limited to:

– Exhibitions

Exploring the topic of After Belonging through the display of photographs, models, construction details, material samples, wallpapers, legal documentations, and any other object and medium that helps the visitor to understand the different contemporary definitions of ‘home.’

– Events

Actions, small theatre plays, film screenings, and performances related to the proposed topic. These events can be connected to Oslo’s cultural programs and venues with the aim of allowing the conversation of the Triennale to pervade the cultural life of the city.

– Public Conferences

Public lectures, debates, and talks that explore the topic of the Triennale and help to disseminate the discussion to different venues and audiences.

– Workshops

Seminars and workshops with experts from different disciplines on questions related to the curatorial framework of the Triennale, exploring the spatial, material, digital, technological, and legal conditions of the contemporary transformation of residence.

– Temporary Installations

Temporary pavilions and structures in public spaces near the main exhibitions and sites of the Triennale, or any other location accessible to the general public.

– Tours

Guided tours—by experts on the topic from any field—of the Triennale’s venues and sites, or any place in the city relevant to the discussion of the Triennale, such as the Oslo port or the train station in the city center; migrant neighborhoods in the suburbs of Oslo, like Furuset and Groruddalen; a temporary worker’s house and facilities; and a detention center, among others.

- Alternative Media

Printed matter, puppetry, podcasts, radio and television programs, and other digital media are highly encouraged.


– All agents involved with the built environment—including architects, artists, urban designers, urban planners, landscape designers, sociologists, engineers, geographers, public activists, etc.—are welcome to participate. Agents can be organized as individuals or in teams (professional collective, NGO, cultural or educational institution).

– The agent submitting the proposal will be responsible for all aspects of the Associated Project, including funding, venue booking, security, permits, and public liability. OAT will coordinate the events and communicate the Associated Projects through the Triennale channels.

– Collaboration with local institutions and cultural agents is encouraged, when possible.


Proposals should include:

Submission requirements and deadline

Applications must be sent by 1.00pm on November 30, 2015 (Norwegian time) to post@oslotriennale.no. Only digital applications will be accepted. Documents sent after the competition deadline will not be accepted as part of the application.

Applications should be written in English and submitted, by attachment, in a single A4 PDF file of maximum 5MB, labeled with the name of the proposal.

Proposals will be reviewed and selected for inclusion in the official events of the Triennale, by a committee consisting of representatives of the OAT and the chief curators. The chosen Associated Projects will be announced in early February 2016.

In case of an urgent technical problem with the submission, please contact Alexandra Cruz at Oslo Architecture Triennale, e-mail: ac@oslotriennale.no.

Questions concerning the competition can be sent to ac@oslotriennale.no before October 19, 2015. Questions will be published at www.oslotriennale.com on October 27, 2015.