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Call for Intervention Strategies

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The Oslo Architecture Triennale 2016: After Belonging invites architects and other professionals from around the world to engage in a debate concerning our changing condition of belonging and the contemporary transformation of residence. This open international call seeks intervention strategies for five different sites located in the Nordic region. The list of sites includes:

-- Asylum and Shelter Provision in Torshov, Oslo
-- Border Definition in Oslo Airport Gardermoen
-- Resource Negotiations in Kirkenes
-- Transnational Neighborhoods in Tensta, Stockholm
-- Home Sharing Platforms in Copenhagen

These sites, as nodes within wider networks, encapsulate questions associated with the global transformation of belonging. Interventions should speculate on the architectures associated to the particularities of each site, and can range from spatial strategies, typological variations, and material prototypes to digital platforms and legal propositions, among many others. They can be developed as built structures, 1:1 tests, scale models, and representations for public debate.

One intervention strategy will be selected for each site and will be developed over one year, from the announcement of results in January 2016, to the closing of the Triennale in December 2016. The selected interventions will be displayed at the After Belonging: In Residence exhibition in the National Museum—Architecture in Oslo. They will also be discussed in a public event throughout the Triennale, and included in a publication to be released in 2017.

The In Residence program seeks to engage with specific sites, including their opportunities and problematics. The intervention strategies should define the protocols to develop this engagement, as well as ways to incorporate local agents and audiences.



The selected participants of the call will assume the following commitments:

1. To develop a one-year-long intervention strategy spanning from January to December 2016, leading to the development of a project for a particular site.

2. To document the intervention for the “After Belonging: In Residence” exhibition at the National Museum—Architecture within the Oslo Architecture Triennale 2016, opening in September 2016.

3. To document the intervention for the In Residence publication at the end of the Triennale in December 2016.

4. To organize at least one public event at the intervention site during the period of the Triennale in order to evaluate the project.

OAT will assume the following commitments:

1. Interventions: The Triennale will provide a prize of NOK 150 000- (this amount is subject to taxes) for each intervention strategy. This allocated budget includes:

Participants are welcome to seek additional funding sources, for which the Triennale will provide letters of support, if necessary.

2. Presentation of the intervention in the exhibition at The National Museum—Architecture in Oslo during the Triennale period.

Participants are welcome to seek additional funding sources for more expensive installations. Ideas and budget, including third party funding, requires approval from the OAT 2016 curators and the National Museum—Architecture before production decisions are made

3. Content adaption expenses for the publication will be covered by OAT within a limited budget.

4. OAT will suggest and help to establish the contact with local partner institutions within each site. These institutions will:


Proposals should include:

1. A description of the INTERVENTION [5 DIN-A3 of graphic material with a maximum of 1200-word text]. Descriptions should consider the goals and methods of evaluation of the intervention.

2. A description of a year-long WORK PROTOCOL for the implementation of the intervention [2 DIN-A3 with maximum of 800-word text and graphic material]. Work protocols could range from participatory methods, public events, workshops or interviews, the design of physical structures, digital applications or cartographies, among others. Participants can propose to collaborate with institutions, engage with local populations, or to work within the domains of offices or archives.

3. A CALENDAR for the development of the work protocol [1 DIN A-3].

4. A BUDGET [1 DIN A-3]. Budgets should include the allocation of funds provided by the Triennale, as well as the extra resources expected for the development of the project, if needed. This could include a list of the institutions that will be contacted for this additional funding. Letters of interest from the supporting institutions should be included in the application.

5. A description of the candidate’s PROFILE [2 DIN A-3]. Candidate’s profile should include a brief CV and a selection of work samples, clearly specifying the candidate’s role in the work.

The profile should contain full contact information, including name of the proposal, full name, address, e-mail and telephone number of the main contact person for the proposal.

Submission requirements and deadline

Interventions can be developed by individuals and teams. All agents involved with the built environment—including architects, artists, urban designers, urban planners, landscape designers, sociologists, engineers, geographers, public activists, among others—are welcome to participate.

Applications must be sent by 23. November 2015, by 1:00PM Norwegian time to: submission.inresidence@arkitektur.no

Only digital applications will be accepted. Documents sent after the competition deadline will not be accepted as part of the application.

Applications should be written in English and submitted, by attachment, in a single PDF file of maximum 8MB, labeled with the name of the proposal.

Interventions can be developed by individuals and teams. All agents involved with the built environment—including architects, artists, urban designers, urban planners, landscape designers, sociologists, engineers, geographers, public activists, among others - are welcome to participate.

Questions concerning the Call can be sent to question.inresidence@arkitektur.no before 12. October, 2015.

Questions and answers will be published by 20. October, 2015 at oslotriennale.com.

In case of technical problems with the submission of the application, please contact Gisle Nataas at National Association of Norwegian Architects (NAL).

e-mail: gna@arkitektur.no

phone: +47 980 89 637